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It's not medical, it's a profit booster!  

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Corporate Profits 
Booster Shot

How your company can quickly and inexpensively motivate your employees 
- and instantly boost loyalty, and productivity. And profits. Applicable worldwide.



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Every company would like to boost employee productivity. And employee loyalty. And profits. And retain good workers. And do it quickly and inexpensively. It can be done. I call it the Corporate Booster Shot. It's not medical, it's psychological. 

For many employees there is more to life than working, and more to working than just making money, though making a living is often critically important. At work, there is also a desire in employees for work satisfaction, a desire to feel part of something, a desire for a feeling of belonging, a desire to fulfill oneself, to use one’s talents and abilities to do “more” than just a job.

These feelings are based on human nature, human needs. And feelings beyond practical financial needs. There are psychological needs. Emotional needs. Spiritual needs. Human needs. 

These feelings can be strong and are based on universal desires for happiness and purpose. These feelings often appear when an employee is in their early-mid 20’s and continue throughout their working life. It is also one of the reasons why good employees may leave a company, Working 40, 50, 60 or more hours a week they feel the work is not fulfilling enough, it does not sustain their spirit, does not feed their soul. 

According to, "41% of those surveyed said they're mulling leaving their jobs, according to Microsoft's Work Trend Index released Monday, March 22, 2021, which polled 30,000 people from a variety of companies in 31 countries" 

Stop them. With the Corporate Booster Shot.

Ultimately, employees want to have work that has meaning, as they themselves grow and evolve, they want work with a higher life purpose, to feed their soul. Workers want to be happier! Fulfilled. Unreasonable? Not work related? Perhaps. But feeding that need for more happiness and fulfillment is now possible, and easy, at work, on the job, with the Corporate Profits Booster Shot. And it applies domestically and internationally. Why? Because happiness is a universal desire. It is the goal of life, everyone’s life.


Based on two of my published books (seen below and available on amazon) I created, "The Corporate Profits Booster Shot”, which uniquely applies the universal principles of happiness and purpose, to work, to one’s job. And it does it quickly and cost effectively.

The objective is to honestly, genuinely, authentically and quickly and cost effectively, motivate on-premises employees, remote workers, longtime and new employees, and even prospective new employees, by using a unique positive, evolved corporate message to employees, a message that feeds the deep and often unfulfilled spiritual, emotional and psychological needs of working humans. The Corporate Booster Shot message can quickly produce a company-wide boost in employee loyalty, goodwill, and productivity. And can translate into a boost in sales and profits. American based. Applicable worldwide. 

And I am making it available as a pdf download - today - FREE.

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The "Corporate Profits Booster Shot” program is derived from two of my books, written under my pseudonym, Andrew Lawrence, and available on amazon. They are 

The program is called the Corporate Profits Booster Shot 
The message is called the Corporate Booster Shot

Your biggest asset

As a medium-to-large company one of your biggest assets is your employees, your workers. Without them you could not produce or sell your goods and services. Your company could not survive without employees. They do the jobs, they get the jobs done. From the top of your organization to the bottom. From senior execs to the part-time workers. From the sales and technical staff to the assistants and secretaries.

Your employees are a major asset. They are invaluable. And they deserve to be honored and appreciated as such. And that is exactly what the Corporate Booster Shot does. And it can do it quickly and effectively. For the benefit of both employees and employer.


How did I come up with this “Corporate Profits Booster Shot” concept? Through my own personal and professional experience. My own Wall Street money market trader experience, many years ago in my early 20’s and 30’s. I wrote about it in one of my books, “Wall Street: The Real Deal”:

“In the end, after years of sales and trading, I left Wall Street. In search of humanity. More humanity. MY humanity.  And a desire to help others. Years later I realized that on Wall Street I really did help people, people all across America. I realized that I helped people all across America improve their lives. Because I realized that, as a money market trader I was instrumental in helping hundreds of cities and states all across America to raise money … money to build schools, hire teachers and municipal fire fighters, build roads, bridges, airports, and even sports arenas … for the betterment of their community and its residents. I helped. From Wall Street. Doing my job. I helped make that possible. Indirectly, in doing my job I helped millions of Americans have a better life. And I am proud of that.”

At that stage of life, in my mid-20’s, I was also not happy enough personally and very much wanted to be. To that end, after an extensive search for how to be happy, I then attended 8 years of traditional twice-weekly individual and group therapy where learned a great deal about myself, the psychology of work, the self, and the psychology of others. Yes, it worked for me. Yes, for me it was a very valuable experience.  Yes, I figured out the secrets of how to be happy and have applied those secrets and have been happy for the past 30 years. Since then, I have also been a “life improver”, through my books and actions and interactions, intent on making people’s life better, quickly and inexpensively. Individually and as a group. And now, I am applying that to corporations and their employees.

I also realized that work should, if possible, have “meaning”.  Beyond offering goods and services and making money for the employer WORK CAN ALSO FULFILL A HIGHER PURPOSE. A universal purpose. What is that purpose? To help others. Your company actually does that. You just may not realize it. And, if you find that higher purpose, let your employees know that meaning, that higher purpose, explain how your company helps people have a better life and how EACH of your employees, at every level, contributes to that, you can quickly and dramatically boost employee loyalty, goodwill and productivity. And, as a result, potentially boost your sales and profits significantly. That’s what the Corporate Booster Shot does, it simply (and in plain English) defines your company’s higher purpose, and lets your employees (and perhaps your suppliers) know what your company’s higher purpose is, and how you - and they - fulfill it. And the Corporate Booster Shot thanks your entire workforce, and appreciates them, for helping your company help others. A higher purpose. More than making/selling goods and services and making a profit. This message can dramatically and quickly elevate your company, and your employees and their work. And your profits.

Does it work? Try it and see. Prepared to be pleased if not amazed.

Corporations Evolve

What is the primary purpose of any company? To organize people to make and/or sell or deliver products and/or services and hopefully make a profit. The first goal of any company is Survival.  Everything after that is a management function.

Prior to the 1960's a company‘s main thrust was the work and paying workers to do it. There was a major divide between life and work. Employees had to leave their personal lives and problems and spirituality at home and just come to work and do the job. That changed in the 1960’s when employee dress codes and attitudes and personal preferences revolutionized the workplace and companies were forced to accommodate the new "revolutionary" worker. Major social movements included Women's Rights, civil rights, gay rights, Black Power, etc. Today’s workers are also different.  Many may work remotely, from home. They may be more isolated, somewhat out of constant contact with their job during the workday. Today’s working generations also personally want “authentic” life experiences and not just material possessions or lots of money. And they tend to live through their cellphone. And, if possible, they would like their work, how they do their job, to better reflect their life and their values. Workers have changed. Work has changed. Companies have changed. They have "evolved". Proving my point,  Google, Amazon, SAP, Zappos, Airbnb, Salesforce and other companies have even added Chief Happiness Officer positions. Yes, they are known as CHOs. So, yes, it’s indeed a good idea, and a good time, for companies to add some inclusive psychological nonreligious uplifting elements and have your workers think more highly of your company. And to boost loyalty, goodwill, productivity, and profits. Hence the Corporate Booster Shot. 

Note: This program is non political. It was created to help corporations "evolve", to help them elevate their work and workers. And, as a byproduct, to boost productivity, and profits. The Corporate Booster Shot is beyond Woke, is totally inclusive, uplifting not divisive, and is in the realm of universal spiritual consciousness, applied to work.

Your HIGHER purpose

Beyond profitability can a company, a corporation, an organization, have a “higher” purpose? Yes. What is a company’s “higher” purpose?  What is YOUR company’s higher purpose? It is the same as an individual’s life purpose. To help others. Ultimately that is what your company is doing, should be doing,  in some way, either directly or indirectly. That is part of the new corporate responsibility. Beyond making/selling/delivering products and services and making profits how does your company help others? That is the new "philosophy of work" question. Can you answer that question?  What exactly is your company's higher purpose? How do you implement it? THAT is what you will be communicating to your employees, along with your appreciation of them helping you do it. The Corporate Booster Shot. It’s a dramatically uplifting message, corporate and worker evolvement, and, as a side effect, can be an honest and appropriate powerful booster shot for profits. 

The Corporate Booster Shot message MUST be original, authentic, real, uplifting, and must resonate with all employees.

An example of a Corporate Booster Shot message to employees is included in the FREE downloadable pdf!

How To Proceed:

Download the free Corporate Profits Booster Shot pdf. It's hosted on Google Drive and you don't have to sign up or log in to view/download it. It includes an excellent example of a Corporate Booster Shot message to employees. Yes, it's free! There's no subscription, no automatic ongoing notifications, no mailing list, no ads, no gimmicks. Here's the link

Google Drive/free pdf download


The Corporate Booster Shot is designed to be created in-house, by you and/or your staff. It is a free corporate DIY project for your company, compliments of me. Why am I offering my copyrighted Corporate Profits Booster Shot program for free? Like I said, I want to help people, in this case, to boost employees, to improve their life, and improve their work. And your corporation can get a boost too, in profits. Try it and see. Test it on your sales force - and enjoy the positive feedback and the positive results.

If you want my help:

If you create your own Corporate Booster Shot and would like me to look it over and give my input before you send it out my fee is $1,500 for that. Not a bad fee to help ensure that your Corporate Booster Shot is as good as it can be and which may, in a short time, potentially add millions of dollars to your bottom line


If you wish my help and want me to create a unique highly customized Corporate Booster Shot message for your company from scratch, I am also available to do that. Details are in the pdf download.

Motivate and elevate your employees with the
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About me

Andrew has extensive experience in sales and marketing and finance, having worked at Wall Street investment bankers and dealers, large commercial banks, an international marketing firm based in London, and businesses on both coasts. During his Wall Street career he  received a standing ovation from co-workers for making a difficult $5 million transaction. He also managed investment trading portfolios of $400 million ($1.8 billion in today's money), and after Wall Street was instrumental in internationally and culturally presenting the 1984 Olympic Games as well as being a fundamental part of the renovation of the Statue of Liberty. Many of his notable accomplishments and life events are documented in his autobiography, "Stories Of A Lifetime: Extraordinary Events in an Extraordinary Life"

Later in life he also became the author of more than 20 life improvement books, books that can improve your life – fast. He is a member of the Non Fiction Authors Association.

He is now based in Los Angeles where he lives happily and productively doing what he likes to do best, to help others improve their life. Now, with the Corporate Profits Booster Shot program he can help two groups at the same time; employees and employers. 

Feel better. Work Better. Be better.

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