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Created by

Andrew Lawrence

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This program is now available directly to organizations as an employee motivation and productivity tool and profit booster (if a for-profit organization)  

quickly motivate your employees 

- and quickly boost productivity -

Why should your company consider undertaking the Corporate Booster Shot? Here's why

From Business Wire, January 2024: “Kudoboard,the globally adopted online appreciation platform with tens of millions of users across various companies, has released its annual "2024 Employee Happiness Trends in the US" report. This comprehensive analysis, utilizing the latest research and proprietary survey data, examines the transformative challenges and opportunities encountered by the workforce. Moreover, it explores the profound influence of gratitude and recognition on employee connection to predict emerging workplace trends for 2024….

The survey, conducted among a diverse group of nearly 600 professionals across Fortune 500 organizations and beyond, yielded remarkable insights. An overwhelming majority, 98%, believed that individuals would work harder and be happier if they felt more appreciated, underscoring the importance of recognizing and valuing employees' contributions. Additionally, 97% of respondents agreed that receiving recognition has a more substantial impact than givers initially anticipated. This statistic reveals the underestimated potential of appreciation to motivate and inspire employees."

Corporate Booster Shot Introduction

Every organization would like to boost employee productivity. And employee loyalty. And, if a for-profits corporation, profits. And do all this quickly and effectively. It can be done.

April 2024: A new Gallup poll revealed that Gen Z's main driver of happiness is finding a sense of purpose at school and at work. I believe this is also applicable for all adult employee, of every age.

For many (or most?) workers there is more to life than working, and more to working than just making money, though making a living is often critically important. At work, there is also a desire in employees for work satisfaction, a desire to feel part of something, a desire for a feeling of belonging, a desire to fulfill oneself, to use one’s talents and abilities to do “more” than just a job.

These feelings are based on human nature, human needs. There are feelings beyond practical financial needs. There are psychological needs. Emotional needs. Spiritual needs. Human needs. And employees do not leave those feelings at home. These feelings can affect their work. These feelings can be strong and are based on a desire for happiness and purpose. These feelings often appear when an employee is in their early-mid 20’s and can continue throughout their working life. It is also one of the reasons why good employees may leave a company. Working 30, 40, 50 or more hours a week, on site or remotely, workers can feel the work is not fulfilling enough, it does not sustain their spirit, does not feed their soul. As they grow and as they age people tend to evolve, emotionally and spiritually, and this can affect their work and job.

Ultimately, employees want to have work that has meaning, that also serves to enlighten and improve their life as they themselves grow and evolve, to dovetail with their higher life purpose, to feed their soul. Workers want to be happier! Unreasonable? Not work related? Perhaps. But feeding that need for workers to have more happiness, for more meaning, is now possible, and easy, on the job, with the Corporate Booster Shot.

Happiness is a universal human desire. It is the goal of lifeeveryone’s life. This applies domestically and internationally.

In today’s society, many companies have recognized and addressed the needs of their employees. They even employ Happiness Officers. And now it’s time to be an even more “enlightened” organization.  Using the Corporate Booster Shot your organization can do that. And benefit greatly.

Based on two of my published books (seen below and available on amazon) I created the “Corporate Booster Shot”, which uniquely applies the universal principles of happiness and purpose, to work, to one’s job. To EVERYONE’s job. The goal? To honestly, quickly and effectively increase employee motivation, productivity, and loyalty. And, as a possible/likely result, boost corporate profits.

The objective of the Corporate Booster Shot is to make a written or video CEO statement, a statement that honestly, genuinely, authentically and quickly motivates all employees; on-premises employees, remote workers, longtime and new employees

A message of employee appreciation.

And you disseminate that message to your workforce. I help companies create a unique positive, evolved corporate message to their employees, a message that feeds the deep and often unfulfilled spiritual, emotional and social needs of working humans. The Corporate Booster Shot message is designed to quickly produce a company-wide boost in employee loyalty, goodwill, and productivity. And can translate into a boost in sales and profits.

Origin of the Corporate Booster Shot

The Corporate Booster Shot is derived from the above two books, written by me under my pen name, Andrew Lawrence, and available on The books have been converted to a single new program, an employee appreciation statement/message to be applied to a work environment and used as a Corporate Booster Shot.

I will show you how.

Your most important asset

One of a company’s most important assets is their employees, their workers. Without them a company could not produce or sell their goods and services. A company could not survive without their workers. Employees do the jobs, they get the jobs done. From the top of the organization to the bottom. From senior execs to the part-time workers. From the sales and technical staff to the assistants and secretaries.

Employees are a major asset. They are invaluable. And they deserve to be honored and appreciated as such. And, if implemented properly, honoring and appreciating your employees can boost their productivity…and your profits. And that is exactly what the Corporate Booster Shot is designed to do.


I will use a hypothetical cell phone service provider as an example. I created the message from scratch. Here is the hypothetical Corporate Booster Shot, to be sent by that hypothetical company to all its employees:

Personal Message from the CEO to our employees

"I just wanted to let you know that I, that the company, appreciate the work you do. Without our employees, without YOU, we could not exist. I wanted to take a moment to thank you, each and every one of you.

As an employee and a member of our team YOU have value, YOU make it possible for this company to help others; to provide products and services for one of the most important possession in people’s lives; their cell phone.

Because of YOU, our customers can keep in contact with their friends and family and the world - wherever they are. They can connect and communicate via their social media, they can be outside the home or office and still be in contact. Our customers can entertain themselves with games and videos and tv and movies. With their cell phone and our service they can even create art! You are the reason they can do all that. You are an integral and yes, along with our valued customers, an important part of this organization, an organization that people rely on, all day, every day, in their business and personal life.

Thank you. You are appreciated!"   




Every legitimate business in some way helps its customers. And/or helps society. You just need to look at it a different way. Use your own specifics, how y-o-u-r organization helps your customers, or your members. Make your message honest and truthful. And authentic. I can work with you to make this happen.


How did I come up with this “corporate booster shot” concept? Through my own personal experience. My own Wall Street money market trader experience, many years ago in my early 20’s and 30’s. I wrote about it in my book, “Wall Street: The Real Deal”. Here is an excerpt:

In the end I left Wall Street. In search of humanity. More humanity. MY humanity.  My desire to help others. Many years later I realized that on Wall Street I really did help people, people all across America. I realized that I helped people all across America improve their lives. Because I realized that, as a money market trader in municipal notes I was instrumental in helping hundreds of cities and states all across America to raise money…money to build schools, hire teachers and fire fighters, build roads, bridges, airports, and even sports arenas…for the betterment of their community and its residents. I helped. From Wall Street. Doing my job. I helped make that possible. Indirectly, in doing my job I helped millions of Americans have a better life. And I am proud of that.

At that stage of life, in my mid-20’s, I was also not happy and wanted to be. To that end I then attended 8 years of weekly individual and group therapy and learned a great deal about myself, the psychology of work, the self, and the psychology of others. Yes, it worked for me. Yes, for me it was a valuable experience. Since then, I have been a “life improver”, through my books and interactions, intent on making people’s life better, quickly and inexpensively. And now, I am applying that to corporations and their employees.

I realized that work should, if possible, have “meaning”.  Beyond offering goods and services and making money for the employer work can also fulfill a higher purpose. What is that purpose? To help others. Your company actually does that. You just may not fully realize it. And neither may your workers. And, if you let your employees know that meaning, explain how your organization helps people have a better life and how EACH of your employees, at every level, contributes to that, you can quickly and dramatically increase employee loyalty, goodwill, motivation and productivity. And, as a result, it can also increase your sales and profits. That’s what the Corporate Booster Shot does, it simply (and in plain English) defines your company’s higher purpose, lets your employees know what your company’s higher purpose is, and their part in it, and also thanks your entire workforce, and appreciates them, for helping your company help others. This can dramatically elevate your employees and their work.

Does it work? Try it and see. Prepare to be pleased if not amazed.


Your Company Purpose

What is the purpose of any for-profit company? To organize people to make and/or sell products and/or services and hopefully make money. The first goal of any company, for-profit or non-profit, is Survival.  Everything after that may be very important but is secondary, a lesser critical management function. That is the reality, the truth.

In prior times a company‘s main thrust was the work and paying workers to do it. There was a major divide between life and work. Employees had to leave their personal lives and problems at home and just go to work and do the job. That changed in the 1960’s when employee dress codes and personal preferences entered the workforce and companies were forced to accommodate the new individualized evolving worker. Today’s workers are also different. Many may work remotely, from home. They may be more isolated, somewhat out of constant contact with their job during the workday. Today’s working generations also personally want “authentic” experiences and not just material possessions or lots of money. And they tend to live through their cell phone. And, if possible, they would like their work to reflect their life and their values. Workers have changed. Work has changed. Companies have changed/are changing. And it’s a good idea to add some nonreligious spiritual higher-purpose connection and have your workers think more highly of your company, i.e. the Corporate Booster Shot. Many companies have now evolved and utilize Happiness and Woke principles. And, now, without long-term investment, without adding staff, or offending anyone inside or outside your company, your company can evolve further, with the Corporate Booster Shot.


Corporate higher purpose

What is YOUR company’s higher purpose? It is the same as an individual’s life purpose. To help others. Ultimately that is what your company should be doing, actually does, in some way, either directly or indirectly.  How does your company help others? That is the new evolving corporate human resources responsibility. That is the new question. Can you answer that question? That is the message.  Can you create that message?  THAT is what you will be communicating to your employees, or members, along with your appreciation of them helping you fulfill your organization's higher purpose. Beyond survival, selling goods and services and making profits it’s corporate evolvement, corporate enlightenment, and can be utilized as a powerful corporate productivity booster shot.

How To Proceed

How does your organization proceed with creating your own Corporate Booster Shot and disseminating it to your employees, motivating them and increasing their productivity? And your profits? That’s what I help you do.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

- I recommend creating a relatively short message, no more than a page or two, and sending it, electronically, to all your employees. Signed by the CEO. You could also convert the message into a company video, and post it or send it electronically or send a link to the video on a private corporate page. An updated Corporate Booster Shot may be sent out to employees every year. 

- In today's workplace, especially among younger workers, your Corporate Booster Shot message must be honest, genuine and authentic!

- It should be inclusive, believable and heartfelt. 

What I offer as the creator of the Corporate Booster Shot

After extensive research by me on your organization, I can create the customized positive written message for you, from scratch. It can take several weeks, or longer. I currently charge $25,000 for the entire process. Is that an affordable price to pay to motivate and stimulate your employees, boost their productivity and loyalty - by your workers being motivated to working harder and smarter and possibly generating millions of dollars of additional profits?

Or, if you wish to create your Corporate Booster Shot on your own I am available for editing and final approval for a fee of $5,000, which includes up to 3 editing/input sessions and my stamp of approval

As you create your own Corporate Booster Shot message to your employees I will personally look it over and suggest edits if needed. I will give you guidance. And, in the final stages, I will carefully peruse your written or video message and give it my approval if/when it’s ready to launch. I will do this personally.  

When your company is ready to proceed, with either the full Corporate Booster Shot or the guidance version let me know and we will work out details.

I do my part of the project remotely, from Los Angeles. Via computer and phone.

I can only undertake or oversee a limited number of Corporate Booster Shots. Preferably 1. Or 2. A week. To avoid a long wait for scheduling with me, I suggest getting started quickly.

Contact: andls (at)


Custom Corporate Booster Shot generation: $25,000

Me editing and approving of version created by you: $5,000

For additional credibility you can view my 2 blogs...

Let me know if/when you wish to proceed and which program you wish to implement.

Contact: andls (AT)

Act now. Create a happier, more productive 

work environment! And reap the rewards.


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